Nikki is one of LOLA’s creative colour experts. She can take you to new lights and help you realize your colour dreams. Having spent most of her career in the Kensington Market area, Nikki has extensive experience in pastels and platinum, and excels at fun and creative colour.

P.S. She is also a talented barber that offers traditional barber cuts at $30



  • Monday 10am-6pm
  • Tuesday 11am-8pm
  • Wednesday 11am-8pm
  • Thursday 11am-8pm


Traditional Barber Cut

$30 + tax

Root retouch (No Lightening)

Short $80. Medium $100. Long $140.

Root retouch (With Lightening)

Short $130. Medium $150. Long $190.

All Over Colour

Short $110. Medium $130. Long $170.

All Over Lighten and Tone

Short $205. Medium $225. Long $265.

Partial Highlights

Short $130. Medium $150. Long $190.

Balayage/Hair Painting/ Free Hand/ Ombre

Short $155. Medium $175. Long $215.

Full Head Highlights

Short $165. Medium $185. Long $225.


Short $190. Medium $210. Long $250.

Highlights and Base Change

Short $165. Medium $185. Long $225.


Starting at $70

(Colour Correction and Fashion Shades – Consultations are Required)

(consultations are always complimentary)